World War Arena Services Terms and Conditions of Use

The World War Arena services terms and conditions of use shown here (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") set forth the terms between LINEUP Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and users (hereinafter referred to as the "User" or "Users" depending upon context) of services for the mobile game “World War Arena” provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

1. Definitions

The following words and terms shall have the meanings set forth below when they are used in the Terms and Conditions.

1.1. "Account(s)" means a set of character strings or any other marks issued by the Company at the beginning of the use of the Service for identifying a User. Among them, identifier(s) set by the Company based on User's application is referred to as "User ID".
1.2. "In-Game Currency(ies)" refers to the virtual currency which Users may use to pay for Content(s) and services offered by the Company which are not free of charge.
1.3. "Separate Terms and Conditions" means documents released or uploaded by the Company that pertains to the Service, under the title "agreement," "guideline," "policy," and the like.
1.4. "Content(s)" means information such as text, audio files, music, images, videos, software, programs, computer code, and the like.
1.5. "Specified Content(s)" means Content(s) that may be accessed through the Service.
1.6. "User-Created Content(s)" means Content(s) that Users have provided, transmitted, or uploaded.
1.7. "Paid Service(s)" means service(s) or Content(s) offered to Users in the Service, which is not free of charge (including but not limited to cases where service(s) or Content(s) is exchanged for In-Game Currency(ies) which is not free of charge).

2. Agreement to Terms and Conditions

2.1 All Users shall use the Service in accordance with the terms stated in the Terms and Conditions. Users may not use the Service unless they agree to the Terms and Conditions. Such agreement is valid and irrevocable.
2.2. Minors may use the Service only with consent from their parents or legal guardian. Furthermore, if Users use the Service on behalf of, or for the purposes of a business enterprise, then that business enterprise shall also be deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Such agreement is valid and irrevocable.
2.3. If there are Separate Terms and Conditions for the Service, Users also shall comply with such Separate Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions.

3. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

3.1. The Company shall notify Users of modification of the Terms and Conditions, including the effective date, details, reasons, etc. of such modification, at least seven (7) days (30 days in the event of modification of any provisions disadvantageous or material to Users) prior to the effective date thereof by posting such notification within the Service or on its connection screen.
3.2. In the event of modification of the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall confirm whether Users consent to the application of the modified Terms and Conditions after the notification thereof. If the Company has also stated at the time of the notification that Users would be deemed to provide their consent unless they express their intent of consent or rejection, Users will be deemed to consent to the modified Terms and Conditions unless they express their intent of rejection until the effective date thereof.
3.3. If Users do not consent to the modified Terms and Conditions, the Company or Users may terminate the agreement on the use of the Service.

4. Account

4.1. Users, when providing information about him/herself to the Company, shall provide genuine, accurate, and complete information while using the Service, and keep such information up-to-date at all times.
4.2. If Users register a password while using the Service, Users shall exercise due care and responsibility in order for the password not to be used in an unlawful manner. The Company may treat all activities conducted through a User's account as activities that have been conducted by the holder of the account him/herself.
4.3. A User who is using a Service without creating a User ID (a "Non-ID User"), may not continue to use In-Game Currencies, User-Created Content(s), or other Data etc. on a new communication device in the case the User changes communication devices.
4.4 Data such as In-Game Currencies and Paid Services that a Non-ID User has purchased, or any other data related to a Service used by a Non-ID User, may vanish without prior notification to the Non-ID User in any of the cases below;
4.4.1. When the Service is uninstalled or the like by the User;
4.4.2. When the User changes his or her communication devices or the like; or
4.4.3. At any time for no reason whatsoever, due to causes with or without relation to either the Company or the User.
4.5. The Company reserves the right to delete any account that has been inactive for a period of a year or more since its last activation, without any prior notice to the User.
4.6. Users' rights to use the service shall expire when their account has been deleted for any reason.
4.7. Each account in the Service is for the exclusive use and belongs solely to the owner of the account. Users may not transfer or lend their accounts to any third party nor may their accounts be inherited by any third party.

5. Protection of Personal Information

5.1. LINE Up Corporation possesses and manages User’s personal information collected through the Service (hereinafter referred to as the “User Information”).
5.2. The Company places their highest priority on protecting the User Information.
5.3. The Company promises to protect the User Information in accordance with the LINE UP Privacy Policy.
5.4. The Company promises to exercise the utmost care and attention regarding their security measures for the continued security of any and all User Information.

6. Provision of the Service

6.1. Users shall supply the necessary PC, mobile phone device, communication device, operating system, and data connection necessary for using the Service under Users' own responsibility and at Users' own expense.
6.2. The Company reserves the right to limit access to the whole or part of the Service depending upon conditions that the Company considers necessary, such as age, identification, current membership status, and the like.
6.3. The Company reserves the right to modify or cease, at the Company’s own reasonable discretion, the whole or part of the Service without any prior notice to the Users.
6.4. Paid Services shall be purchased and used based on the following terms and conditions.
6.4.1. Minors may use Paid Service only with consent from their legal guardians.
6.4.2. Users may not withdraw their purchase of Paid Services against the will of the Company in any of the following cases. However, this does not apply to any portion of divisible Contents not falling under any of the following.
1. Paid Services available or applicable immediately upon purchase;
2. Paid Services in which the additional benefits (if any) have already been used; and
3. Opening of Paid Services if such opening can be deemed as the use of such Paid Services or determined to use the utility of such Paid Services
4. Paid Services not acquired through the normal service usage process or a payment process.

7. Incapability of Emergency Calls

The Service cannot be depended upon for emergency calls, such as ones made to law enforcement agencies, maritime safety authorities, fire brigade, or other emergency services.

8. Advertisements

The Company reserves the right to provide Users with advertisements for the Company or a third party, through the Service. Also, only users who have agreed to receive advertising information can provide it such as push notification. In this case, the users may refuse to receive advertising information at any time, and the company does not send advertising information anymore.

9. Business Partners' Services

Content(s) or other services offered by other business partners cooperating with the Company may be included within the Service. The business partners bear all responsibility regarding such Content(s) and/or services offered. Furthermore, such Content(s) and services may be governed by the explicit terms and conditions etc., which are set accordingly by the business partners.

10. Contents

10.1. The Company grants Users the non-transferable, non-re-licensable, non-exclusive license to use the Specified Content(s) provided by the Company, only for the purpose of using the Service.
10.2. Users shall abide by the appropriate conditions when using the Specified Content(s) which are subject to additional fees and periods of use. Notwithstanding situations where phrases such as "Purchase", "Sales," and the like appear on the Service screens, the Company shall remain the holder of all intellectual property rights as well as all other rights in the Content(s) offered to Users by the Company, and such rights shall not be transferred to Users, but only the right to use the Content(s) under 10.1 will be granted to Users.
10.3. Users shall not use the Specified Content(s) beyond the scope of the intended use of the Content(s) in the Service (including but not limited to copying, public transmission, distribution).
10.4. If Users wish to back-up the whole or part of the User-Created Content(s), they will need to do so themselves. The Company will not undertake the obligation of backing up any of the User-Created Content(s).
10.5. The Service may include features where multiple users may provide, correct, edit, and delete items. In such cases, the User who posted his/her User-Created Content(s) has to allow other Users to perform any editing in relation to the User-Created Content(s).
10.6. Users shall maintain the rights regarding their User-Created Content(s) just as before, and the Company shall not acquire any rights to such Content(s). However, if the User-Created Content(s) are visible, not just to the User's "friends" but to all the other Users, the User who posts the User-Created Content(s) shall grant the Company a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense such Content(s) to other third parties working together with the Company), for an indefinite period, to use (after modifying such Content(S), if the Company believes it necessary and proper) such Content(s) for services and/or promotional purposes.
10.7. The Company may check the details of the User-Created Content(s) to investigate whether the User-Created Content(s) may violate related laws or provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions. However, the Company is not obligated to conduct such investigations.
10.8. If the Company believes that the User has violated or may violate applicable laws or provisions in the Terms and Conditions related to the User-Created Contents(s), then the Company reserves the right to preclude the User's use of the User-Created Content(s) in certain manners, such as deleting the User-Created Content(s), without providing the User with prior notice to the extent reasonably necessary for other Company businesses.

11. In-Game Currencies

11.1. In-Game Currencies will be provided to Users by the means specified by the Company such as purchases, special offers, and the like. Details regarding the payment methods, units, terms and all other conditions regarding In-Game Currencies will be decided by the Company and displayed accordingly upon the Service.
11.2. In-Game Currencies cannot be exchanged or used for any other purposes other than the ones offered by the Service. The number of In-Game Currencies required for receiving the offered services or Contents, and terms and condition of In-Game Currencies will be decided by the Company and displayed accordingly upon the Service.
11.3. In-Game Currencies shall be purchased and used based on the following terms and conditions.
11.3.1. Minors may purchase In-Game Currencies only with consent from their legal guardians.
11.3.2. Users may not withdraw their purchase of In-Game Currencies that have been already used at the time of withdrawal or that are not acquired through the normal service usage process or a payment process.
11.4. In-Game Currencies can be used only in the Account in which the User purchased the In-Game Currencies, and cannot be assigned or transferred to other Accounts. Furthermore, In-Game Currencies cannot be carried over or combined between communication-devices running on different operating systems, as the types of In-Game Currencies differ even though they are categorized under the same name.

12. Restrictions

Users shall not engage in the following when using the Service.
12.1. Activities that violate the law, court verdicts, resolutions or orders, or administrative measures that are legally binding.
12.2. Activities that may hinder public order or customs.
12.3. Activities that infringe intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks and patents, fame, privacy, and all other rights of the Company and/or a third party granted by the law or contract.
12.4. Activities that transmit violent or sexual expressions; expressions that lead to discrimination by race, national origin, creed, sex, social status, family origin, etc.; expressions that induce or encourage suicide, self-injury behavior, or drug abuse; or anti-social expressions that include anti-social Content(s) and lead to the discomfort of others.
12.5. Activities that lead to the misrepresentation of the Company and/or a third party, or intentionally spread false information.
12.6. Activities such as sending messages indiscriminately to numerous Users (except for those approved by the Company), or any other activities deemed to be spamming by the Company.
12.7. Activities that exchange the right to use the Specified Content(s) into cash, property or other economic benefits without Company’s authorization.
12.8. Activities that use the Service for sales, marketing, advertisement, soliciting or other commercial purposes (except for those approved by the Company); use the Service for the purpose of sexual conducts or obscene acts; use the Service for the purpose of meeting a person for sexual encounters; use the Service for the purpose of harassments or libelous attacks against other Users; or use the Service for purposes other than the Service's true intent.
12.9. Activities that benefit or collaborate with anti-social groups.
12.10. Activities that are related to religious activities or invitations to certain religious groups.
12.11. Activities that illegally or improperly lead to the collection, disclosure, or provision of other's personal information, registered information, user history, or the like.
12.12. Activities that interfere with the servers and/or network systems of the Service; that abuse the Service by means of BOTs, cheat tools, or other technical measures; that deliberately use defects of the Service; that access to the Service through the communication devices to which an alteration has been made by looting, jail breaking, or the like, that make unreasonable inquires and/or undue claims such as repeatedly asking the same question beyond the necessity, and that interfere with the Company’s operation of the Service or Users' use of the Service.
12.13. Activities that aid or encourage any activity stated in Clauses 1 to 9 above.
12.14. Other activities that are deemed by the Company to be inappropriate.

13. User Responsibility

13.1. Users shall use this Service at his/her own risk, and shall bear all responsibility for actions carried out and their results upon this Service.
13.2. The Company may take the following measures without any prior notice to the User, if the Company acknowledges that a User is using the service in a way which violates the Terms and Conditions. However, the Company shall not be responsible for correcting or preventing such violation towards Users or others.
13.2.1. Withdrawal or deletion of whole or part of the User-Created Content(s);
13.2.2. Suspension or revocation of the User's right to use the Specified Content(s);
13.2.3. Suspension or deletion of the Accounts;
13.2.4. Suspension of use of whole or part of the Services;
13.2.5. Any other measures that the Company considers it is necessary and appropriate;
13.3. In the case where the Company has suffered loss/damage or has been charged an expense (including but not limited to lawyer's fees) directly or indirectly (including but not limited to cases where the Company have been sued for damages by a third party) due to the User violating applicable laws or the Terms and Conditions while using the Service, the User shall immediately compensate the Company upon their request.

14. The Company Exemption of Liability

14.1. The Company does not expressly or impliedly guarantee that the Service (including the Specified Content(s)) are free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, security-related faults, errors, bugs, or infringements of rights). The Company shall not be responsible for providing the Service without such defects.
14.2. The Company’s compensation responsibility for ordinary damages with respect to the Company’s contractual default or act of tort due to the Company’s negligence shall be limited to the total amount of received fees from the User in the particular calendar month in which such damages occurred. However, this does not apply to any damages which occurred due to the Company’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.

15. Notification and Contact

15.1. When the Company notifies or contacts Users regarding the Service, the Company may use a method that the Company considers appropriate, such as posting on the website operated by the Company.
15.2. When Users notifies or contacts the Company in regard to the Service, Users shall use the customer inquiry form available on the website operated by the Company or other means designated by the Company.

16. Language, Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Where the Company has provided Users with a translation of the Korean language version of the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Korean Version"), the Korean Version will govern the relationship between Users and the Company. In the event of a contradiction between the Korean Version and a translation, the provisions in the Korean Version shall take precedence over any other translation. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Korea. Conflicts that arise from the Service or conflicts between Users and the Company related to the Service will be governed primarily under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

These World War Arena Services Terms and Conditions of Use have been created on October 23, 2018.
LINEUP Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of LINEUP Corp. ("we", "us", or "our") applies to the operations that we offer through our mobile games(“game” or “games”). It provides the policies and procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing the information of each visitor to or user of the Service ("you", "your", or the "User").
This privacy policy describes what information we collect and what it's used for. We take protecting your privacy seriously, and we want you to understand exactly how and why we use your information.
Please read this Policy carefully. Your use of the Service will constitute your agreement to this Policy and evidence that you understand this Policy.

What Information We Collect

Profile Information

You can play our games without login, we may require your profile information when you try to use some features. Although you do not agree that you provide this information partly or all, you can continue to use our service but you may not use some features on this service.
Profile information as below may use message to record your scores and send messages to your friends.
• Facebook: profile, friends list
• Google: profile, email address

Customer Care

When you contact us, to help you, we may collect and use information:
• Name, Nickname, Email, Market account, Game account, Community account

Information We Collect Automatically

We may automatically collect information about your use of the Service such as: cookies; device ID or other unique identifier; language information; device name and model; locale and timezone; operating system information; your activities within the Service. Also when you watch advertisement, we may automatically collect information about your viewing of the advertisement. The information we collect automatically cannot reasonably be used to identify any particular individual User.

How We Use Information We Collect

• In general, we use, disclose or transfer the information we collect from and about you to provide and operate the Service. We may also use information:
• Develop, operate, improve, deliver, maintain, and protect our products and services.
• Monitor, analyze trends and usage to improve our service.
• Deliver targeted marketing, targeted advertising, service updates, and promotional offers
• Use information we’ve collected from cookies and other technology to enhance the service and your experience with them
• Enhance the safety and security of our products and services.
• Verify your identity and prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.
• Enforce our Terms of Service and other usage policies

How We Share Information

The information we collect, may be shared as follows

Service Providers

We may disclose your de-identified activities information within our service we collect to third party vendors, service providers, contractors or agents who perform functions on our behalf.

Third Parties and Partners

We may share de-identified information with our third party partners, including advertisers, researchers or system operators.

Push Notifications/Alerts

We may send push notifications or alerts to your device. You can deactivate these messages at any time by changing the notification settings on your device or by changing your settings

Children Under 13

Although we welcome users from all walks of life, our games are not aimed at children, and the United States government has put limits on our ability to accept users under a certain age through the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Individuals under the age of 13 may not create an account with us. If you believe someone 12 or younger is using our site without parental consent, please contact us. (lineup_privacy@linecorp.com)

Contact Us

If you have questions about the privacy aspects of our service or would like to make a complaint, please contact us. (lineup_privacy@linecorp.com)

If you are in the European Economic Area,

you may contact the Data Protection Officer or our EU representative below or you may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the European Economic Area

[Data Protection Officer]
LINE UP Corporation
Attn: Data Protection Officer
23th floor JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower
4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
160-0022 Japan

[EU Representative]
Attn: LINE UP Corporation EU Representative
Neuer Wall 54, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
+49(0)40 60944190

Changes to privacy policy

We may modify our Privacy Policy from time to time for various reasons including to improve our privacy practices, to reflect changes to our Service, and to comply with relevant laws. This Privacy Policy was initially released on October 23, 2018
LINEUP Parental Guidance

Thank you for enjoying LINEUP games.
You may have some concerns or questions about our games as you play them on your mobile device.
At LINEUP, we believe that age limit, in-app purchase, and privacy are all valid concerns, and we are trying to offer all the support you need.
Therefore, we advise that you read all the relevant content listed below.
If you have any further inquiries, please contact us. Please make sure to provide as many details as possible including: details of the issue, the time of its occurrence, order number, receipt and a relevant screenshot.

1. What is the age limit and general policies of LINEUP games?

All of our games are made for, and offered to users who are above 13 years old.
For more detailed information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
You can find recommended age-appropriate information on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
However, these classifications are only applicable to our game contents.
If you want detailed information on how these categories are defined and specified, visit the respective support websites for Google or Apple.

2. Can I deactivate or manage in-app purchase?

Our game is free to download, however it is completely optional to buy goods through “in-app purchase.”
In-app purchase can be used to enhance various game elements. However, it is not mandatory to make in-app purchases as it is crucial for us to provide an outstanding experience to all of our users who are playing LINEUP games. In other words, you can enjoy the game in every capacity without any in-app purchases.

The prices for in-app purchase vary and are clearly indicated. In-app purchase is paid for with actual currency. In-app purchase can be accessed while playing the game, so you can choose to purchase while playing the game.
From the general settings of your mobile device, you can easily adjust in-app purchase and password settings, or even disable in-app purchases as a whole. The settings method varies according to the mobile device you are using (iOS/Android).

Please check below to disable purchase or to set a password to prevent unwanted purchase.
For more details on iOS devices, please refer to [Apple Restrictions]
1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions
2. Tap Enable Restrictions
3. Prevent in-app purchase by turning off “in-app purchase”

For more details on Android devices, please refer to
1. Tap Menu > Settings.
2. Tap “Require authentication for purchases”.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions and set authentication.

3. Who manages in-app purchase?

We do not process in-app payments nor do we have any access to your credit card information. The payment is completed via the personal email address that is linked to Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Therefore, all payment processes are managed by Apple or Google.
Apple or Google will send payment receipt to your email. (Please be mindful that the post-purchase process is entirely controlled by Apple or Google, and is subject to change by Apple or Google.)

I have seen other sites selling LINEUP game items. Can I buy from them?

Beware of the third parties which encourage any purchase of game goods (i.e. websites that provide “free gems”). These sites may collect your personal information, money, or both, and often never deliver the promised in-game products. If you want to make an in-app purchase, the safest way is simply to make a purchase through the game itself on your mobile device. Selling, redeeming or trading virtual in-game currency is otherwise prohibited by our [Terms of Service].

4. My child accidentally made an in-app purchase. How can I get a refund?

As with most downloadable software products, items bought in our games (in-app purchases) are non-refundable. However, exceptions can be applied in rare cases. Please follow the procedure according to your mobile device, and contact the relevant support team.

Purchased on an Apple (iOS) device:

We’re not authorized to directly offer refund for purchase made on iOS devices. Please visit Apple Support Center and select Contact iTunes Store Support>Purchases, Billing, Redemption> Not on the List. Email refund details including order number, issue, etc.

Purchased on a Google (Android) device:

Please contact through each game's customer center.
Please attach the information which includes the name of the game where the purchase was made, as well as the purchase receipt. Please make sure that the purchase ID on the bottom of the receipt (i.e. GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345) is visible in the attachment. Receipts for transaction have been emailed to you by Google after each purchase.

5. I was billed for a purchase I did not make. What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity?

If you were billed for a purchase you or your child did not make, please immediately contact Apple or Google, who control the transaction process.

For Apple (iOS) devices:

Please visit the Apple Support Center and select Contact iTunes Store Support>Purchases, Billing, Redemption> Not on the List. Email the refund details including order number, issue, etc.

For Google (Android) devices:

Email or call Google Customer Support Center to make a request.
    Go to this link to report unauthorized billing.
If Apple or Google responds to you and tells you to directly contact the developer about the relevant issue, please contact us.
Please include the details of the issue, when it happened, the order number, the receipt, and a screenshot.

6. What is LINEUP’s policy on privacy?

We always prioritize protecting your privacy. LINEUP does not have any access to your credit card information, as the payment is completed via the personal email address that is linked to Apple App Store or Google Play Store based on your mobile device.
Also, we will always ask for your consent when it comes to sending direct marketing messages to your mobile device. We do not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes.
If you want to know further details on our privacy policy, please refer to LINEUP Privacy Policy.

7. How is conversation carried out in LINEUP games?

Many of our users enjoy connecting with one another through in-game group chat. We are putting a lot of effort to ensure that all interactions are safe and secure.
No LINEUP game features a private chat, and we regularly display warnings against sharing private information. We are always updating a "blacklist" for offensive words and phrases, so they can be quickly detected and removed.
If you would like to report any concerns, please contact us.
In your message, please make sure to include as many specific details as possible. This will help us to quickly understand and identify the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation, which helps us to provide better services in LINEUP games.
LINEUP Game Management Policy

1. General Management Policy

1) The purpose of this Management Policy is to provide more coherent and fair services and protect the rights of customers who use LINE UP Smartphone Service (“Service”) provided by LINE UP Corporation (“Company”) for various issues that may occur in the “Service”.
2) To provide better service and for efficient management, “Company” may amend/change/remove Management Policy without violating any related legislation. When “Company” makes changes, it shall notify users through service board from 7 days before the changes become effective until a day before the changes become effective. However, if the amendments put the customer at disadvantage, the change will be notified 30 days before with same procedure.
3) Management policy is “Company’s” regulation which defines general management principles, including restrictions on customers violating their duty in order to quickly and coherently respond to issues which may occur during the “Service”. “Company” provides services in accordance with management policy.
4) Items which are not covered in this management policy may be adjusted in accordance with terms and conditions as well as the intent of this management policy along with social norm, general sentiment, related legislation and commercial practice.

2. Definitions of Terms

The terms in this management policy are defined as follows:
1) “Manager” refers to “Company” personnel who facilitate the best service experience for customers, or a person the “Company” has authorized to do so.
2) “Customer” refers to a person who has entered into an agreement with “Company” and uses its “Service”.
3) “Name” refers to all names the customer sets such as nickname and character name.
4) “Account information” refers to the ID the customer has set to use the “Service” or the information that “Company” has assigned.
5) “Game information” refers to entire or portion of information related to game play including acquired items, game money, score, and achievements.
6) “Rude and abnormal behavior” refers to all behaviors that violate the related legislation, as well as the behaviors that violate the social norm including theft, cash transaction, abuse of bugs and system, use of an illegal program, impersonation, fraud, abusing, spamming, invasion of privacy, obstruction of processing service operation, cursing and slandering, and any behavior which harms others.
7) “Theft” refers to all behaviors that involve another person’s account including damaging another person’s game information (account information, money, character, etc.) without consent, and paying with another person’s registered payment information without consent.
8) “Cash transaction” refers to exchanging the game information for cash or spot goods, attempting such exchange, or acting as a broker for such exchange.
9) “Abuse bugs and system” refers to causing damage to “Company” or other users or deriving benefit from vulnerability of the “Service” (bug, system errors, etc.).
10) “Use of illegal program” refers to programs, devices, and equipment made to obstruct normal service operation, to infringe copyright, or to change, damage, or counterfeit related data.
11) “Impersonation” refers to impersonating another under a different name, identity, etc.
12) “Fraud” refers to impressing or deceiving a third party with false information, or to cause damage by such behavior.
13) “Abusing” refers to acquiring certain game information (score, record, item, game money, etc.) in bulk or facilitating such behavior by using the game repeatedly, regularly, or irregularly in a way which was not intended in the game planning.
14) “Spamming” refers to repeatedly posting or uploading text or pictures on boards or spaces alike in order to express one’s opinion or complaints, or to show interest in doing so.
15) “Obstruction of game operation” refers to interfering or interrupting the normal use of the “Service” in order to cause harm to a third party.
16) “Invasion of privacy” refers to exposing or abusing the private information of a third party.
17) “Suspension” refers to the suspension of game service or various community services (posting, etc.) within a certain period of time.
18) “Payment fraud” refers to purchases of services using the stolen credit card, landline/mobile phone, or bank account of a third party.
19) “Abuse of Open Market” refers to taking undue profits by abusing any policy or process related to member registration, game usage, payment, payment cancellation, or refund governed by the open market vendor.
20) "Abnormal sign in” refers to signing in which is not approved by “Company” including signing in with a deliberate purpose to wrongfully acquire game items or money.

3. Customer’s Role and Responsibilities

1) Customer must comply with “Company’s” terms and conditions as well as its management policy. Customer shall take responsibility for damages caused as a result of violating management policy.
2) Customer has the right to selectively enjoy all game and service components.
3) “Company” owns the right to all customer’s service-related information (character, item, game money, etc.), and authorizes customer with the right to use relevant information.
4) Customer must sign in with his/her own personal information. If the user is signed in with false information or under another person’s name, “Company” shall not provide any kind of protection, shall exclude customer from participating in events, and restrict the usage of the “Service”.
5) Customer must maintain or renew the submitted information in order to keep it accurate. Customer shall not permit a third party to use the provided information.
6) Customer must not gain profit from the “Service” in any way without the consent of the “Company”.
7) Customer must not copy, duplicate, change, translate, or publish the information acquired by the “Service” of “Company”, nor can he/she provide it to others.
8) Customer is responsible to be well-acquainted with official information provided by “Company” or the “Service”. Neither the “Company” nor “Service” is responsible for any damages caused by not being well-acquainted with such information.
9) Customer must notify “Company” when discovering vulnerability of the “Service” (bug, system error, account theft, illegal program, etc.), or when it occurs. Customer must not tell other customers about it nor abuse it. If the customer abuses the vulnerability or tells others without notifying “Company”, it will be deemed as intentional indecent behavior and may be lawfully sanctioned in accordance with usage restriction policy of Act 9 or other related legislation.
10) Customer must respect rights of others including the copyright. If a piece of work is used without the owner’s consent, “Company” shall regard it as copyright infringement in accordance with current copyright law. Therefore, customer must notify “Company” to take proper measures when he/she discovers the relevant information.
11) Customer has the right to make appeals or to request correction in accordance with proper methods and procedures when damage has been caused or they have been unfairly treated in the “Service”. If the customer was unfairly treated or was damaged by another customer, he/she has the right to notify “Company” and request this policy to be executed on the accused.
12) Customer may make inquiries, suggestions, or requests regarding the “Service” as follows: ① [Customer Center] within the game (Settings > Customer Center) ② “Company” promises to promptly respond to inquiries, suggestions, and requests. However, please understand that the response may be delayed due to the workload.

4. Management’s Role and Responsibilities

1) Management shall understand and comply with Terms of Use, Operational Policy, and Privacy Policy.
2) Management shall not inquire into, modify, expose, nor distribute customer’s personal information. However as an exception, when a governmental or private agency requests personal information in accordance with legitimate procedures, management may provide it to the relevant agency.
3) Management shall receive all kinds of bug and error reports from customers via Customer Center or community sites, and they shall be responded to and modified accordingly in a timely manner.
4) Management shall not direct customer on how to play nor suggest the goal that needs to be reached in the “Service”, other than the official information provided on game guidelines and notice board.
5) In principle, management shall not get involved in nor interfere in customers’ normal activities or disputes which occur in the “Service”.
6) Management may restrict the “Service” partially or entirely if they believe unintentional internal/external phenomena impede the stable provision of the “Service”.
7) According to Article 8, 9, and 10 of Operational Policy, management may take various actions on service usage of certain customers or groups whose behavior violates Operational Policy or impedes stable provision of the “Service”.
8) For circumstances which are not indicated in this policy and impede stable provision of the “Service”, management may warn or request customers or groups about a particular behavior. If they do not accede, management may restrict usage or forcefully sign them out.

5. Managing Accounts

1) “Company” makes an effort to protect customers’ account information. However, the customer is the primary responsible party for managing account information.
2) Customers are responsible for all outcomes of a third party using their personal information such as ID and password. Customers are also responsible for all damages done to the “Service” subsequent to neglectful account management, as well as its illegal usage by a third party. “Company” shall not be held responsible.
3) “Company” may put restrictions in place in accordance with Operation Policy without prior notice, in case customers attempt to exchange account information, characters, or items for cash/spot goods. Customer who entered account information is responsible for the entire outcome. Furthermore, account information, characters, and items may not be traded nor transferred.

6. Restoration Policy

1) In case the game information such as character, item, game money, etc. is lost or changed due to technical error or causes attributable to “Company”, “Company” shall restore game information as long as its objective information and material is confirmed with data.
2) The game information shall not be restored when lost or changed due to negligence or customer’s mistake or due to customer being unfamiliar with notices on game service or notice board.
3) Customer shall personally register such issue. Registration by a third party is not accepted.
4) “Company” shall not restore the data in the following situations even when it is registered:
In case the account information belongs to a third party and more than 7 days have passed since reporting the damage caused by sharing, transferring, or selling the account information to a third party, and damage is caused by fraud in the “Service”. In such case, “Company” may track the perpetrator and restrict his/her usage. All items and game money will be retrieved.
5) According to the judgment based on service plan or operation, customer’s game information may be modified, changed, or deleted. In such case, they will be notified in advance and the game information may not be restored.

7. Naming Policy

1) In principle, customer is free to name characters, guilds, as well as choose his/her own nickname in the “Service”. However as an exception, management is authorized to change names in the following circumstances. If the same issue is repeated, additional restrictions may apply.
Names which make others feel unpleasant; names with offensive, vulgar, suggestive, or commercial connotation; sexist or racist names; names with intention to criticize, deprecate, or slander a specific person, organization, group, region, or religion; names with an intention to impersonate a “Company”, an employee, personnel, or management, or names which may be recognized as such; names which may infringe copyright, trademark, or other rights of a third party; names which violate relevant law; and names which management deems in need of change.
2) In circumstances other than the Clause 1 above, character names or nicknames shall not be initialized or changed. However, management may change names in inevitable circumstances for stable provision of the “Service”.

8. Standard on Rude and Abnormal Behavior

1) “Rude and abnormal behavior” refers to all behaviors which violate related legislation as well as behaviors which are socially unacceptable including theft, cash transaction, abusing of bug and system, use of illegal program, impersonation, fraud, abusing, spamming, invasion of privacy, obstruction of processing service operation, cursing and slandering, and any behavior which harms others.
2) Take extra precautions as game usage or customer qualification may be restricted when a behavior mentioned in Clause 1 is detected.
3) Some examples of “behaviors which violate social norm” from Clause 1 are as follows, and more may be added when it is objectively clear that it is socially unacceptable: ① offensive, vulgar, or obscene words ② suggestive and vulgar behavior ③ (potential) infringement of copyright or trademark of a third party ④ impersonation of management, developer, NPC of the “Service” or behavior which may evolve to fraud ⑤ intent for cash or account transaction ⑥ intentional behavior to harm others ⑦ behavior deemed to be related to illegal activities ⑧ behavior deemed to intentionally deprecate or criticize a particular religion, race, region, nation, organization, gender, etc. ⑨ behavior which makes other users feel uncomfortable or unpleasant
4) Activities which impede public peace and fine custom in game chat room, homepage, community within the game, and other communities acknowledged by “Company” may cause serious damage to other customers. Therefore, publishers of the posts or users behaving rudely may be removed for the following posts or activities: ① for-profit, advertisement, or content similar to advertisement ② attempt to make cash, account, or server transaction; attempt to instigate other customers ③ acts extremely offensive to another “Company”, customer, or a third party; defaming with slander ④ information, sentences, or figures which violate the Juvenile Protection Act or putting links ⑤ encouraging piracy or hacking ⑥ objectively deemed to be connected to crime ⑦ infringement of copyright or other rights of another user or a third party ⑧ violation of posting policy set by “Company” or posts unsuitable to the nature of the board ⑨ spreading false information or causing potential misunderstanding among several customers ⑩ spamming; or posts with offensive or vulgar words and expressions ⑪ impersonation of management or “Company” employee ⑫ violation of policy or other relevant legislation

9. License Restrictions

If this license is violated, all usage of the “Service” is strictly prohibited, your restricted license may be cancelled immediately, and you may be held liable for illegal activities.
You agree not to perform the following activities in any circumstances:
1) Activities which LINE UP considers to be against the spirit or intention of LINEUP services; or inappropriate usage of LINEUP services
2) Cheats, exploitation, automated software, bot, hacking program, user-made game, or disapproved third party software designed to change or impede LINEUP game or game history; or make or cause changes to a portion of LINEUP game or service files without the explicit written consent of LINEUP
3) Overloading, impeding, or supporting such overload or impediment on computer or server (“server”) used to provide or support services or LINEUP game environment
4) Commencing, supporting, or being involved in aggressive activity (including but not limited to distributing a virus, making attacks for denial of service, and impediment of service usage by a third party)
5) Attempting to inappropriately access network connected to account, or server connected to the “Service” by another person or computer via methods other than the user interface provided by LINE UP (including but not limited to changing or circumventing security, technology, device, or software that is a part of the “Service”, or its attempt; or aiding or abetting someone who does so)
6) Making posts containing content which abuses rights, is threatening, vulgar, defaming, or slandering content; or is unpleasant or discriminative content referring to race, gender, religion, etc.
7) Making posts including nudity, extreme violence, or unpleasant topics, or links to such
8) Attempting or instigating taunting, bothering, or harming others or groups including LINE UP employees as well as Customer Service representatives
9) Infringement of individual or corporate copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, privacy, publicity, or other rights, or enabling data or materials which impersonate another person (including but not limited to LINE UP employees) via “Service”
10) Attempting to get data from the “Service” or LINE UP games by reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or decoding through methods which are not explicitly allowed by LINE UP, in order to extract source code of the base software or other intellectual property used to provide services or LINE UP games
11) Attempting to obtain personal information from the “Service” or other LINE UP game users, or to collect or post someone’s personal data (including personal identity [all forms including text, image, and video], identification, or financial information) via the “Service”

LINE UP is authorized to decide whether an activity violates usage regulations or this service agreement, as well as whether it violates the intention or the spirit of this agreement. LINE UP is also authorized to take necessary measures, including closing your account and partially or entirely prohibiting your usage of the “Service”.

10. Policy on Usage Restrictions

1) If Management Policy is violated, service usage may be restricted without prior notice.
2) If it is restricted in accordance with the Management Policy, objections may be made according to the following procedure: ① Game > Customer Center > 1:1 Inquiry ② The objection must be registered within 7 days of the restriction.
3) Game usage restrictions may be made as follows: ① Management may change restriction period and method. ② Restrictions may be extended if the same case is repeated. ③ For activities which may not be applicable to the descriptions above, management may restrict usage after making an objective judgment. ④ “Company” may retrieve items or game money which were obtained via rude or abnormal behavior. ⑤ In case of damages done to “Company” by rude or abnormal behavior, “Company” may take additional legal actions against “customer” to claim for damages.

11. Standard on Community Operation

1) The objective of community within the “Service” (chatroom, board, etc.) and community sites (social media, official café, etc.) is for customers to exchange various information related to the “Service”, to have general conversation, and to share opinions about “Company” and the “Service”.
2) Based on this principle, “Company” shall make its best effort to create a healthy community and to provide stable community services. However, it shall not be responsible for the loss of board data caused by an unexpected accident, natural disasters, or other technical issues.
3) In principle, “Company” shall not interfere in disputes among community users. However, it may partially interfere or mediate the dispute after considering its severity or its impact to other community users. Furthermore, “Company” may restrict usage of community without any prior notice based on its importance and in accordance with Clause 3 of Community Operation.
4) “Company” may delete or move posts or comments to another board which are unsuitable for the respective community board. Furthermore, it may delete unhealthy or rude posts or comments without any prior notice, and restrict the author’s usage of the “Service” as indicated in Clause 5 below.
5) Posts and comments including the following contents are prohibited: ① violating a social order or other fine custom ② impediment or slandering of “Company” business ③ attempting to disparage a particular religion, race, region, nation, organization, or gender ④ producing, sharing, or distributing an illegal program ⑤ sales or exchange of account or items ⑥ advertisement ⑦ attempting to impersonate management or “Company” employee ⑧ infringement of personal information or defaming and deprecating others; contents which make others feel unpleasant or uncomfortable ⑨ exchange of cash or spot goods ⑩ spamming with repetitive contents ⑪ anti-social behavior or contravening relevant legislation ⑫ irrelevant to the purpose of respective board ⑬ posts and files with potential infringement of copyright.
6) Other than as regulated by each clause in Article 5, posts or comments may be deleted without any prior notice according to the administrator’s judgment.
7) Circumstances which are not defined in this principle and the explanation of this principle shall comply with LINE UP Terms of Use. Other circumstances shall comply with respective law and commercial practice.

12. Changes in Service

1) “Company” may partially or entirely modify the “Service” with prior notice for operational or technical purpose of the “Service” including new game content and various bug patches.
2) Customer may not claim for damages except for damages caused by closure of pay-services due to changes of the “Service”. “Company” is not responsible for expected profit subsequent to either “Service” usage or loss of benefits which “Company” did not provide directly.

< Supplementary Provision > This Operational Policy shall be effective starting October 23rd, 2018.